Too Human

I hoped for it to rain
and when it finally came
I found I’d hoped in vain
(My desire for it had changed)

So I wished for it to snow
and when it did
I wanted it to go
(just wasn’t the same as when I was a kid)

Then I prayed for the sun to shine
and when it did appear
I had changed my mind
and I longed for night to be here

But when night came and day was no more
the darkness filled me with fright
so I hoped for the rain once more
and prayed for the sun with its light

Growth of a poet (La Pete Mort)

Once a single note
flung from strings strung
inside a songbird’s throat
was take up by the wind in a whorl
and became a part of the voice
whose whisper makes worlds
Where was I?

Once a single drop of rain touched the sea
and merged with the sea
(to become the sea)
and converse with the moon
and caress unknown shores
Where was I?

Once, upon looking in life’s mirror
and seeing a man I’ve never known
I determined to know him better
though He beckoned me “Come alone.”
Here am i


death dawns


having tossed and turned

all night


to catchtheschoolbus

and go

“Onetwothree      you’reout!”

and what i want to know is

when will you rest

Mr. Death?



STEPS leading forward

steps leading down

steps leading backwward

turning me around.

STEPS are the actions

the actions that I make

actions are the directions

of the steps that I take.

STEPS leading upward

very hard to  limb

steps leading low are easy

slippery with mundane slime.

STEPS leading straight ahead

no turns left or right

steps leading under

down into the night.


Lady Tiger

Its eyes…
burning fierce holes in the darkness,
reflect the soft light of the silver moon
and make the night a serious shade of black.

Two dimensional slihouette
moving in slow motion
against one dimensional background
is invisibility….

Till still coils spring free in a leap!
And razor incisors slice jugular.
To bring forth warm salty red velvet gushers.
And death sighs mingle in prayer
with guttural growls.

Tomorrow, as dawn pierces night with golden lance
she will breast feed her young
and mummer them to sleep.