Paradox Lost

pictures play
inside my mind
of another me
and another time

another me
of simpler ways
another time
of gentler days

where a different sun
shone a different light
on a different world
with a different plight

a gentler moon
with silver beams
softer dreams…

of golden rules
and faith and prayer
love and peace
every everywhere

for me to embrace
and touch and feel
only my imagination..?
none the less real

till…my supervisor’s rings in my cubical.
“Get back to work!”


A lovely flower dies

another blooms to take its place

a newborn child screams at the world

the mask of death slips over an old person’s face


Nothing is forever

nothing is for sure

the old must make way for the new

and only so long will the new endure


Sometimes I wonder

sometimes I ask myself WHY

I don’t want my living to be just something I do

to pass time till I die


But time is something

no one can control

last night I went to sleep a young man

I awoke this morning much too old


from the book: Some Gentle Moving Thing