in my flite from now

I bumped into yesterday

and confronted mysefl




Church songs

I hear the clergy person’s voice

speaking passionately on matters concerning my soul

of which they know absolutely nothing


As I struggle against heavy eyelids

suddenly I am wrenched into other dimensions by a scream

an other-worldly sound coming up from Africa

by way of slavery

through an old woman’s throat, “Thank you Jesus!!!”

And for the duration of that sound I know,  somebody knows

and I am saved


Titan stain glass angles and a counterfeit Christ, arms extended

watch…!  As I drop one tenth of what I bet on my number

into the brass plate passed to me by a visitor

whose skirt has crept to reveal smooth creamy thighs

and I am lost


The choir’s song moves my thoughts from head to heart

and with thoughts pulsating in my chest I know

at least while the song last, I am saved

The path and the wheel

On a spiritual path

you are crazy to somnolent souls

whose bodies move and breathe

in realities of “Sound and Fury”

that spawn illusions of ‘The other’


Take heed      they will  kill you in self defense

with their tongues

For their dreams bite them

and suck their blood

and the gods they create

will go to the grave

with their brains


And they will return

over and over till

they become as children

For Creator is Love

beyond human being understanding

And time is just a word




Paradox Lost

pictures play
inside my mind
of another me
and another time

another me
of simpler ways
another time
of gentler days

where a different sun
shone a different light
on a different world
with a different plight

a gentler moon
with silver beams
softer dreams…

of golden rules
and faith and prayer
love and peace
every everywhere

for me to embrace
and touch and feel
only my imagination..?
none the less real

till…my supervisor’s rings in my cubical.
“Get back to work!”