Church songs

I hear the clergy person’s voice

speaking passionately on matters concerning my soul

of which they know absolutely nothing


As I struggle against heavy eyelids

suddenly I am wrenched into other dimensions by a scream

an other-worldly sound coming up from Africa

by way of slavery

through an old woman’s throat, “Thank you Jesus!!!”

And for the duration of that sound I know,  somebody knows

and I am saved


Titan stain glass angles and a counterfeit Christ, arms extended

watch…!  As I drop one tenth of what I bet on my number

into the brass plate passed to me by a visitor

whose skirt has crept to reveal smooth creamy thighs

and I am lost


The choir’s song moves my thoughts from head to heart

and with thoughts pulsating in my chest I know

at least while the song last, I am saved

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