Love Is

We met
we loved, we were parted.
But I took something of her with me.
And she kept something of me with her.
Because our Love is song
a beautiful song, unspoiled by lyrics
and though distance separates us
my heart sings that song constantly

Our Love is a poem
a beautiful poem unruined by words
and though time has parted us
her soul recites that poem daily

You see, a song is not the music
a brings about a certain feeling
but a certain feeling that brings about the music
A poem is not the words that gave birth to an emotion
but the emotion out of which the words grew

Distance is but a grain of sand
upon the shores of space
time is only a finger on the hand of duration
And Love is a bridge that traverses the universe
from one end to the other
joining all together
into eternity

from the book: Some Gentle Moving Thing
by james c. floyd jr.

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