Growth of a poet (La Pete Mort)

Once a single note
flung from strings strung
inside a songbird’s throat
was take up by the wind in a whorl
and became a part of the voice
whose whisper makes worlds
Where was I?

Once a single drop of rain touched the sea
and merged with the sea
(to become the sea)
and converse with the moon
and caress unknown shores
Where was I?

Once, upon looking in life’s mirror
and seeing a man I’ve never known
I determined to know him better
though He beckoned me “Come alone.”
Here am i

2 thoughts on “Growth of a poet (La Pete Mort)

  1. Reblogged this on The Poetry Channel and commented:
    James is just getting back into blogging. He has been writing great poetry for decades. If you like what you read I’m certain he would appreciate you following and frequenting his blog, The Jefferson Street Poet.


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