The Revolution (dedicated to Brother G.S.H)

Ramifications of the revolution unravel retrospectively
result of the Brave New World becoming antiquated
as residents of the Animal Farm fidget under the umbrella of
legislation new speaking promises of protection from Red Herring
while eating rain forest bottem-lining spirituality sound-biting reality
and price-tagging formal education according to a child’s ability
to buy into the adolescent nightmares that mature to become
the dreams and aspirations of upwardly mobile minds
addicted to the stench of superfluous idiosyncrasy osmosed from
beautiful Quasi Modoe who threw their ugly twisted lives away
in pursuit of the peace and tranquility that was lost somewhere
in the rules and regulations of the quest.
And instead became authorities on the Bible the Koran the Bhagavad-Gita
the Upanishads. Shakespeare Kafka. Bach…and on and on and on.
Complicating speculating manipulating postulating theorizing philosophizing
monopolizing advertising etc..etc….
Preaching teaching leeching seeking reaching reaching reaching ad infinitum.
When he tried to tell you from the git-go that
it wouldn’t be televised.

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