The Usher

He had fifty-one years experience of leading well dressed visitors to their seats passing out programs and fetching pictures of cool water for stern sweaty sermoners, and their pompous pulpit guest.  Through births baptisms weddings and funerals; with his contribution to “Amaze and Grace” drowned out by the grateful faithful fellowship of Mount Lethe Holy Religious Church.  He pointed and bowed and welcomed and passed collection baskets to overflowing as the story of his pain and loyalty etched themselves on his face. He was an avator of the first degree with a majestic singing voice that was never heard because it was never asked for, and he didn’t possess the nerve fortitude courage self-confidence or gumption to join the choir.  Enduring seventy-five years of silent simi invisibility mutely and mutually agreed upon by him and the membership which quickly replaced him when he died leaving behind two woe-be-gone wool suites a pair of spit shined worn down shoes and a well read dog-eared Bible with Matthew fifth chapter, fifth verse underlined. All  which were donated unceremoniously to the Salvation Army and thrown in the trash.

copyright by James C. Floyd Jr.

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