Before the beginning

LONG ago

longer than days or months

longer than light years;

you were the seed of an inspiration

concealed inside the bosom of the infinite.


LONG ago

longer than the elastic of the human imagination

will allow it to stretch,

longer than forever;

I was the germ of a thought

locked inside the mind of the absolute.


LONG ago

before Father (Light)

pierced the womb of Mother (Darkness),

to give birth to a son (motion):

a beautiful poem called PEACE

was composed by Elohi

and sung upon the winds of utopia,

as you (the seed)

and I (the germ)

came together

to become a speck in the eye of eternity.


LONG ago

before the first simile was smiled

before the first tear was shed,

even before time;

a soft song called LOVE

was written upon the sands of duration


as you and I (one whole)

left that existence/reality (Nirvana)

to descend down into, and be separated by



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