I take great pride

in the blood I’ve shed,

I respect only power.

I deify the wicked dead

by honoring slave holders

and Indian killers,

naming holidays for treaty-breakers

and fork tonged wheeler dealers.

There is no need for me to justify

the things I do,

my truth is a lie

so my lies are true.

I glut the natural resources

of third world nations,

I invented terror and genocide

as tools of public relations.

I create radioactive filth

spread hate and other disease,

at the moment I’m in the process

of ridding Rain Forrest of their trees.

I have weapons of mass destruction

to create the proper atmosphere,

I make stress the norm

’cause that’s why I’m here.

I am the master of half truths

greed and lust,

when I am victorious I will dance…

and piss on the dust!Camera experiment 2 015

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