MATTHEW 5:2-12

You are so fortunate:

And I will never write you a love poem

Think of all the people you know

who are victims of their affluence

who look down their noses

at victims of the “System”__

and never break rules (in day light)

and lever lie (because they don’t know what truth is)

and never dream (because they have nothing to remember nothing to forget)

and never laugh (with agenda)

and are ashamed of their tears

and live in constant fear of mistakes

whose imaginations have atrophied from lack of exercise

whose souls are cold because they have never experienced life’s fire

who look at sinners as “The Other” thus denying the God in themselves

who convict with their eyes and murder with their mouths

and have nothing… absolutely nothing to repent!

And I lied ’cause this is… a love poem

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